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Restaurant & BAR Shiga Kogen Sun Valley Ski Resort[SALON Mon Répos]

We will welcome you in a warm and soft atmosphere.
Spend a relaxing time warming up in the fireplace ...

Relax in a space where time passes, such as homemade liqueur, Shiga Kogen BeerFrom this year, we have various kinds of sake so that you can enjoy "local" Nagano sake!
There is also a charcoal-grilled menu in the fireplace.
  • Restaurant & Bar SALON Mon Répos

    SALON Mon Répos on the 2nd floor of the hotel, the soft flames of the fireplace welcome you.

    It can be used as a restaurant during the day and as a bar in the evening, and you can enjoy the view Sun Valley
    At dusk, watch the slopes dye in the twilight with a beer in one hand ... What a luxurious way to spend your time.

    We offer rice bowls, pizza, homemade fruit wine made from local fruits, craft beer, and cocktails.

    ■Opening Hours
    【Standard】From 8:00 to 22:30(Depends on the season)
    【Self-restraint】10:00 to 20:00
    *Irregular holidays except winter, inquiries required
  • Menu example

    The food menu is also substantial.
    We also recommend the Russian soup Borscht, hot pizza, and light meal pancake sets.
    The rare menu "Madam Curry" is excellent.
    Please ask when you come.
  • Homemade fruit wine

    Depending on the year, we offer plums, apricots, prunes, cherries, lemons, plums, etc.

    Uses locally harvested fruits.When I got a domestic lemon, the apricot was a kind of Nobuyama Maru that I bought from Koshoku, and a farmer said, "If you want to make fruit sake, this is recommended."It smells good from the seeds, so I dare to put it only in the seed part (^^) b

    Please compare and drink!
  • Shiga Kogen Beer

    Tamamura-Honten Yamanouchi, the hometown, with the concept of "beer that we want to drink"!
    All products are handmade using spring water from Shiga Kogen as water, carefully selected malt, hops, and Miyama Nishiki, a home-grown rice.

    A fresh beer with live yeast that has not been heat-treated or filtered.
    please,Please try it.

    A better life leads to a better life.
    Mr. Brewery aims to be a "BETTER LIFE" while being involved with the local people, traditions, culture, and nature through the products they produce in Shinshu Ina Valley.We make a lot of unique craft beers.

    This time around, we have decided to offer this product at Villa Alpen! Only our shop can taste IN A DAZE BREWING's craft beer in Shiga Kogen!

    〈Craft beer〉
  • "Local" Sake from Nagano Prefecture