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Features and feelings of the inn

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Villa Alpen is like this

  • It is an inn (ski inn) Shiga Kogen, Nagano Prefecture.
    It's neither new nor gorgeous, but it offers a place of relaxation with warm hospitality.
    A ski lodge where you can enjoy delicious food and relax in the fireplace.There is nostalgia and warmth.
    50m to the lift in winter! When you leave the entrance, you will see the slopes in front of you!
    You can go to your room with your ski boots.
    In addition, the toilet in the room can be used without taking off the ski boots.
    Another.As a general rule, this facility has early check-in / late check-out (Note 1).
    You can use your room for a long time and use your precious day meaningfully.
  • (Note 1) On the day of your check-in, you can use the room immediately after arrival only if you do not use the same room the day before.
    This service allows you to use the room until the evening only if you do not stay in the same room on the day of check-out.

The owner (cap) is a former professional skier

  • Everyone calls the owner a "cap".Officially, it seems to be a "captain" ...
    If you are interested in when it has been called, please ask.
    Skiing skills are qualified as ski teachers in a total of three countries.
    Beer can labels, Coca-Cola TV commercials, Atomic skis, hearts, etc.
    I was a rider for a famous ski gear maker.There are boards here and there in this facility.
    Even after the 60th birthday, it is more attractive to wear skis than usual! ?? It makes me think.
    If you are having trouble improving your skiing, please ask.Snowboarders are also welcome!

SALON Mon Répos?

  • SALON Mon Répos you with a warm meal and the soothing flames of the fireplace.
    You can come with your ski boots!
    In summer, you can also observe wild birds perching on the tree in front of you from the large window of the salon.
    We recommend the Russian soup "Borscht", but the extremely rare menu "Madam's Curry" is delicious!


  • There are also families with children in this facility, so smoking is prohibited entirely.
    *Ashtrays are available outside the entrance.We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Encounter with foreigners

  • Every year, we receive many customers from overseas.
    Villa Alpen is also a lively place for exchanges between customers from all over the world.