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Fasting experience

What is fasting?

  • 【About the fasting experience】
    Thank you for your interest in Villa Alpen's fasting experience camp.
    Shiga Kogen in Nagano Prefecture, where this facility is located, is an environment rich in nature that has been designated as a national park.I will briefly explain the basic knowledge about this training camp and the flow of the training camp.

    〈What is fasting?〉
    Fasting is, in a nutshell, "fasting."However, it is not religious here, and by resting the digestive system by not ingesting solids for a certain period of time and using that energy for excretion and regeneration, the body's original power of supply, absorption and excretion It means to restore the balance of.At the same time, the detoxification effect that promotes the discharge of many waste products such as additives accumulated in the body has been enhanced, and the body regeneration such as skin and hair, constitution improvement, and beauty effect have been recognized.Fasting is a method for maximizing the power of human beings and returning them to a healthy and healthy body.

    〈What is Juice Cleanse?〉
    Nowadays, which is said to be an era of satiety and overeating, the gastrointestinal tract, which is exhausted by digestion and absorption, cannot sufficiently excrete and regenerate.You can use the energy used for digestion for excretion and regeneration by eating cold pressed juice, which allows you to get the necessary nutrients without burdening digestion.Juice cleanse is a method of fasting while supplementing the nutrients necessary for daily life with cold pressed juice (also called raw juice) that is completely additive-free and freshly squeezed.As the name suggests, the juice that is squeezed and squeezed in a special juicer without heating is very fresh and you can ingest the enzymes of fruits and vegetables as they are.

    In the villa alpen fasting experience, you can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits from Nagano, which is grown with no pesticides and pesticides, as juice.
  • If you are interested in the fasting experience, please contact us.
    We will carry out an experience plan of 2 nights and 3 days with an application of 3 people or more.

    In addition, we will update the schedule of the fasting experience plan in the near future, so please wait a little longer.
    The schedule is scheduled for April or later.