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  • Why don't you go to see wild birds and the faint light of fireflies in the cool Shiga Kogen
  • The famous snow monkey!
    You can see wild monkeys entering the hot springs.
    In summer you can drive to a 10-minute walk.

    About 15 minutes by car → 20 to 30 minutes on foot

  • Ichinuma and Biwa Pond
    A popular spot with beautiful Japanese azaleas in spring and beautiful autumn leaves in autumn.
    Lotus flowers and dragonflies are also hidden actors.
    You can also enjoy SUP in the summer.
    Unlike the sea, SUP performed on a quiet lake surface is also recommended for beginners.

    The Sunshine Trail that connects the Biwa Pond of Ichinuma and nearby,
    It is perfect for a family walk.

    5 minutes walk from the hotel
  • Higashidateyama Observatory / Alpine Botanical Garden
    Shiga Kogen is a Geopark that includes an important natural heritage!
    A wide variety of alpine plants can be seen in the botanical garden at an altitude of 2,030 m.
    There are many hiking and trekking course.
  • A manufacturer of Shiga Kogen Beer with a history of about 200 years since its establishment.In recent years, the sake brewery has been regenerated as an art gallery, displaying the collections of the owners.
    There is also a local sake tasting corner.

    20 minutes by bus or car
  • A historic town famous for Kozan Takai and Hokusai Katsushika
    A number of small diameters will guide you through the historic townscape and entertain the visitors.
    There are many museums, temples, and cafes, and among Chikufu-do, Chikufudo's "Chestnut Okowa" and "Chestnut Sweets" and Hokusai Katsushika's "Phoenix Staring in Eight Directions Painting Ganshoin Temple are famous.

    About 40-minute drive
  • It is a park at the foot of Mt Kosha
    Even though it is a park, you can enjoy it with your family, such as a ground where you can play soccer, a vast lawn where you can run and roll around, a ranch where you can interact with animals, and a restaurant.
    From August to October, the dahlia garden is in full bloom, and hundreds of types of dahlia, including those that are as big as your own face, decorate the area.

    About 45 minutes by car
  • It was founded in 644.
    The current main hall is rebuilt one of Japan's leading wooden building that has been designated a national treasure in Hoei years (1707).
    In addition, Sanmon (Sanmon) and Kyodo are also designated Important Cultural Properties
    About 6 million worshipers visit each year.

    About 60 to 70 minutes by car

  • The Iwakurazawa River Ishi no Yu is known as the place where Genji fireflies occur, which is the highest in Japan.
    (Altitude about 1650m)
    From mid-July to mid-August, when it is at its peak, you can enjoy the fantastic firefly dance and the starry sky.
    We also rent flashlights at our inn.

    10 minutes by car
  • Shirane Volcano
    An active volcano with an altitude of 2,160 m.
    The crater lake, which is filled with mysterious colored water, is a sight to see.
    There is also a food corner (irregular) nearby.
    *Not available right now

    About 40-minute drive
Shibu OnsenNine outdoor hot spring tours.
Jigokudani Onsen is famous for bathing monkeys.

About 20-minute drive
Yudanaka OnsenA historic hot spring town.

About 30 minutes by car